Query your data from anywhere without writing a line of code.
Works with any data stored in any SQL compliant database like IBM DB2, DB2 for i, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix, MySQL, and others...

Access data from any PC or Mac using any browser.


Access data from any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with our free "B4M" app that can be found on your favorite app store.

Without writing a line of code? Yes! Simply "design" your queries using a graphic IDE.


Business4Mobile is fully customizable with your logo and corporate colors.


Access your business-critical information instantly from everywhere:


  • Check your dashboards, your business indicators, your daily, weekly and monthly summary data, and more. Drill down to the details.


Display your data in table or chart format.


  • For tables, choose the number of columns displayed, the columns to sort (ascending or descending), and the columns to total (including the number of decimal places displayed).
  • For charts, choose from BAR (vertical or horizontal), LINE or PIE formats. You can also choose the color for each data series.
  • Share the results immediately by email through an attached PDF document.


Customize to display your corporate colors.


  • Business4Mobile is fully customizable with your corporate logo and color schemes.
  • All displayed pages can use your logo, colors, etc.