Delphi/400 Berlin
IBM i Mobile Applications for iOS, Android and Windows
a complete solution for your web, windows and mobile applications that use IBM i objects

Delphi/400 gives you all the power of Delphi plus native access to your IBM i and AS/400 databases, system objects, programs and more...


NEW with Berlin: You can create native mobile applications for iOS and Android.


Delphi/400 is the smart and efficient way to modernize your IBM i applications. Reduce the learning curve for end-users, making them more productive while producing fewer errors.


In record time and with minimal coding, use VCL for the Web in Delphi/400 to build interactive AJAX-enabled Web interfaces to your IBM i data and programs.


Delphi/400 is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) solution used to create applications for Windows Servers, .NET and the IBM i.


Key features:


  • A RAD development solution that lets you build applications using visual components in place of code,
  • Visual components use standard databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 for IBM i,
  • Visual components use any OS/400 or IBM i system objects such as remote commands, data queues, data areas, existing programs (with or without parameters), IFS, spool files and more,
  • Operates with all IBM i versions,
  • Debug your programs with full access to IBM i data from directly inside the IDE,
  • Includes a complete 5250 emulation as a visual component to include all existing programs in your new applications,
  • And more...


Thanks to Delphi/400 Automatic Deployment, Delphi/400 is the perfect tool to create powerful "Rich" applications for Windows without the nightmare of deploying and updating all connected PCs.


Just install the client portion of Delphi/400 Automatic Deployment one time on each PC.


When you create a new version or a new application, simply "publish" it on your IBM i (or Windows server) using the server portion of Delphi/400 Automatic Deployment.


The next time each PC connects, it is automatically updated with the new version (or new application) all with no admin intervention and with minimal disruption to users.